Saturday, November 16, 2013

Populating a City

I recently got my Lead Adventures order all the way from Germany

In an age where plastic and resin is all the rage, I'm really excited about this line of miniatures, as they are all metal.  They are very characterful, very detailed, and very suited to Mordheim game play.  I cant recommend them enough.  check out their online store if you are looking for some ideas on a Warband.

Myself I am going to place another order with them, but that is for another post.

So, what have I been up to, preparing for the campaign?
Come right in and let me show you around. (sorry about photo quality, I've been using my cell phone)
I have been playing around with the new Bones miniatures line by Reaper.  While not the best miniatures I have ever painted, they are extremely cheap and paint up quickly.  I did some research prior to painting the Bones Minis, and in the end decided to break the rules.  
They all get a prime coat of a black spray.  This does leave the model a little tacky as the spray paint doesn't completely cure on the model.  But I found that once I paint the model with a good base coat, then wash and apply highlights, the model finishes decently enough.  Then of course I break another Bones mini rule and apply a clear coat. 
 Above you can see one of my "Ladies of the evening"  she is standing out in front of my freshly painted Manor House.

Next up we have a shot of the Manor House with a woman out front sweeping, the Black Smith, and of course a few Guards out front.  

Here is a Money Changer, Lender, Tax Collector, Pay Master, whatever.  I am sure he has a role to play in the upcoming campaign especially with such a large chest of coin!  He is a long out of print Pay Master for the Dogs of War from WHFB.
A close up of some village folk hard at work.

And finally above we have a The Hermit.  He was a promotional Scibor Miniature from the WarStore Weekend in 2012 that I figured I would press into service.  A bit of an odd sculpt, but he was free, so what the hell...

I'm looking to get a couple of practice games in here shortly, just so I can get back into the swing of the rules set, and to test out some of my house rules.  I'm particularly interested to see how the strength table shift for armor modifiers works out.
I'll be sure to snap a few photos you can all see how my table is coming along.

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