Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Kragensburg update, just some stuff I've been working on

I said I needed some scatter terrain.  Well here is the set I ordered (I actually got two, the other is still in the box), they came in on Wednesday!  I think I said they were from Infinity.  I was wrong, or the seller on Ebay was wrong.  They are from Micro Mini.  A nice set, all resin, not a whole lot of flash on them.  After a quick wash, and some scraping I primed them black then gave them a coat of Brown Army Painter spray.  When I hit them with the brown, I didn't give it a very thick coat, as I wanted to leave some of the black showing as a sort of shading.  Worked out pretty well I think.
Next I'll put some details on them, a quick coat of wash on the bags, and done.

I have also been working on more miniatures to populate my town as NPCs

Above we have the Grave Digger from Reaper.  He is the metal version of this model.  One of my favorites from Reaper truth be told.  A simple paint job, but I think he painted up nicely.  I have his Ogre companion primed and ready for paint as well.

I also finally got around to opening up and taking a closer look at my figures from Lead Adventures.  Here you can see one of them mounted on his base.  I love this company, the models are clean with crisp details, the one pictures below has had no work done to it other than gluing it to its base.  Hardly any flash at all.
Above we have one that I painted up, nice detail.  I played around with this guy for about an hour, simply enjoying the model.  Kind of silly I guess on a simple Villager, but I have just been getting a little caught up with this project.  That's a sack he has slung over his shoulder, might be a bit hard to tell from this angle.

I also started some work on some pieces for objectives or key mission pieces, below you can see a baggage cart
I think the name of the company is Blue Moon miniatures, I'd have to double check if anyone wants to know specifically.  The cart itself isn't too bad, the horses are one piece metal, and had lots of flash to be removed, they are a little smaller that GW scale, but once I mounted them you can hardly tell.  I also think that a piece of the hitch was missing, but again not a big deal, I simply glued a piece of balsa wood in its place, problem solved.  The cart itself has been mounted on a piece of movement tray cut to fit as a base for the miniature.  I think it will paint up nicely.

I guess that's about it for now, I'm itching to get back to working on this stuff, but there is a Tournament at AetherStorm games tomorrow and I still don't have a list written up...


  1. I've built a half dozen or so possessed kit bashing daemon, woc, and beastmen bits. The forsaken kit has some awesome bits I'm excited to start this league up.

  2. I do love that kit Les, I'm getting pumped up myself. I think we are going to have a blast. I can't wait to see what your new Warband looks like.