Saturday, March 23, 2013

Meet the Sludge Sifters, a Necromunda Gang Profile

The last couple of weeks I have been giving Mordoc and his Mad Marauders a break, and started playing my new gang, "The Sludge Sifters".
The Sludge Sifters belong to the Prophets of War faction, and believe they are on their own against the forces of Chaos, stuck in the warp storm for all eternity, they feel the Emperor (if there even is such a thing) has abandoned them and that the Imperium of man will never send assistance to this small system they call home.
The Sludge Sifters have been very successful in their ventures, living down by the Sludge River, harvesting sludge from the river, filtering it and using it as a source of nourishment.  Deep in the ruins of the under-hive not only have they survived, but they have thrived.  Successfully establishing settlements, and setting up trade networks, and even a small defense force.

On to the gang members:

First up we have the Gang Leader, Sinclair "The Foreman"
M:4, WS:6, BS:5, S:3, T:3, W: 1, I:4, A:1, LD:9
Wargear: Chainsword, Plasma Pistol, Bolt Pistol, Knife, Respirator, Flak Armor
Skills: Escape Artist, Body Slam, Counter Attack
Cost 220
Xp: 217

The Leader of the Sludge Sifters, Sinclair leads by example, and is not afraid to lead the charge and get stuck in, showing the "Juvees" how it's done.

Ganger, "Face"
M:4, WS:3, BS:3, S:3, T:3, W:1, I:4, A:1, LD:7
Wargear: Shotgun, Auto-Pistol, Knife
XP: 36
Cost: 85

Face tends to bite off more than he can chew in an effort to impress the boss.  Quite often he finds himself out of the fight before he can truly be of help to anyone, but hey, he keeps trying.
(Poor Face, I've had to replace this ganger 3xs in this campaign!)

Fred and Charlie, along with Face these guys form the "Fire Support" element of my gang.  Fred typically works with Face, advancing as a pair (more often than not with Bucky the Ratskin Scout as a guide) while Charlie acts in support of Rufus the Heavy of the group.

Fred: M:4, WS:3, BS:5, S:3, T:4, W:1, I:3, A:1, LD:7
Wargear: Shotgun, Knife
Skills: Bitter Enemy (Sister Superior Christina's Sisters of Battle)
Killer Reputation
Cost: 125
Xp: 68
Charlie: M:4, WS:3, BS:3, T:3, W:1, I:4, A:1, LD:7
Wargear: Boltgun with Telescopic Sight, Knife and Auto-Pistol
Skills: Killer Reputation, Impetuous, Berserk Charge
Xp: 95

Shiv and Packrat, the assault troops of my Gang.  Shiv started as a Juve, and has been with Sinclair since a child.  He has grown to be one of the most powerful members of the gang and answers only to Packrat, and Sinclair himself.  These two don't hesitate to take the fight to the enemy, and frequently make use of vents to take up a position early on in battle to surprise their enemies.

Shiv: M:4, WS:5, BS:3, S:3, T:4, W:1, I:3, A:2, LD:6
Wargear: Laspistol, Chainsword (a gift from Sinclair), and a knife
Cost: 65
Xp: 51
Packrat: M:4, WS:4, BS:6, S:4, T:3, W:1, I:3, A:1, LD:7
Wargear: 2x Auto-Pistols, Massive Axe, Frag Grenades, Knife
Skills: Horrible Scars, Old Battle Wound
Cost: 125
Xp: 94

Junker and Scrapper, the two newbies in the gang.  Still trying to prove themselves, they are ill-equipped but very eager to make their names known.  With 3 settlements now under Sludge Sifter control, there is never a shortage of young men looking to join our ranks.
Scrapper: M:4, WS:2, BS:2, S:3, T:3, W:1, I:3, A:1, LD:6
Wargear: Stubber and Knife
Skills: Nerves of Steel
Cost: 35
Junker: M:4, WS:2, BS:2, S:3, T:3, W:1, I:3, A:1, LD:6
Wargear: Laspistol and Knife

Rufus is Sinclair's 2nd in command.  Rufus typically uses vents to set up an excellent lane of fire.  Then when opportunity presents itself has a habit of using all of his ammo in one volley.  That shortcoming aside Rufus is truly the backbone of the gang.
Rufus: M:4, WS:3, BS:3, S:4, T:4, W:1, I:3, A:1, LD:7
Wargear: Heavy Bolter, Auto-Pistol, Knife
Skills: Armorer, Medic
Cost: 255
Xp: 143

The Hired Guns: Pistol Pete, Boris, and Bucky

Pistol Pete: Underhive Scum
M:4, WS:3, BS:4, S:3, T:3, W:1, I:4, A:1, LD:8
Wargear: Pair of Bolt Pistols
Skills: Quickdraw, Gunfighter, Dodge
Boris: Underhive Scum
M:4, WS: 3, BS:4, S:3, T:3, W:1, I:5, A:1, LD:8
Wargear: Pair of Bolt Pistols
Bucky: Ratskin Scout
M:4, WS:4, BS:3, S:3, T:4, W:1, I:3, A:1, LD:8
Wargear: Knife, Axe, Autogun, Blind Snake Pouch

And last but not least we have Mutt.  Mutt has just recently joined the gang and is obviously still WIP, I will get some paint on him tonight though, so that he can fight tomorrow with the rest of the boys.

I am using the Cawdor rules for this gang, mainly because that was the only gang that could start with a bolter, and thats what Charlie was armed with.  My gang has an odd assortment of advances and skills that don't always match their gear, but that is part of their charm.

Gang Rating currently stands at: 2016 (with the Hired Guns)
with 33 Credits in the stash.

Hope you all enjoyed this overview of my current gang.
Till next time, thanks for reading!


  1. A great looking gang and a nice overview of them

  2. Thanks! I've been having a blast playing them, not painted to a very high standard, just a base coat and a wash, but I swap weapons and bits so much on them, I didn't want to spend too much time painting them. That and it's easier to add more gangers that way.

  3. Found your Blog via Yakromunda! Your stuff looks great! It's always good to find a fellow Necromunda blogger out there.