Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Mechanicon, a win for the Iron Warriors! so, what's next?

Chucky and me at the Mechanicon out in front of their WIP mascot!

What a great weekend!  we both had an absolute blast hanging out with Chris "Jawaballs" himself, and of course so many of my old friends that I only get to see a couple of times a year, Evan, Kieth, John, Colin , Mike B. the list just goes on and on.  Then of course there is Tony and Crew, who put on this great event.  I know I say it often, but it bears saying again.  This is the best 40k event of the year, and this year was no different.

As many of you know, I changed things up this year and for year 4 of this Tournament, I left my Space Wolves at home and took a brand new army.  My Iron Warriors, which I began painting late this summer in anticipation of a new Chaos Codex.  Boy am I glad I did, shockingly enough, I won over-all!  Now attendance was a bit on the low side mind ya, but hey, a win is a win! hahahaha.

I have been posting quite a bit of coverage  on the Bolter And Chainsword, here is the link for those interested in checking out some notes on the missions and full lists of my opponents

I love to play "anti-meta" and go against the grain with my lists, and I really think I have done that with my current Iron Warriors army, my "Armor Saturation" theory while certainly not unbeatable (in fact it is quite fragile) is a blast to play, and against many opponents actually works. In an age where many on the internet are screaming that "Melta is dead!" I say go ahead and believe that, because I've got some Land Raider Loving for ya!

So, what's next?  well, I have to take my Iron Warriors up to 2000 points.  Currently the list stands at 1500 and I need lists that work at 1750, 1850 and 2000. 
I quickly have the Colonial coming up, possibly in January(?) and don't know what point level that will be, so I am going to prepare for the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in February next.  That's at 2000 points.

What to add? well, I have thought about many different options, on of which included a Helldrake.  but in the end, I'm going to continue with my theory.
I am going to add a 2nd 5 man Terminator squad for some more Deep Striking goodness, and they will get a Land Raider transport that will start on the board.  I still have points for a Hellbrute with a Plasma Cannon.  There are some other minor tweaks to the current 1500 that I am going to make, time permitting.  Such as, dropping the Fist from the Champion in my ten man squad and adding the Icon of Vengance, and getting rid of the Power Lances on my Terminators, but those are low priority right now.  First things first, and I've got to get another Land Raider together, hopefully this afternoon.


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