Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tomorrow, The Mechanicon!

Well, I have just finished painting my Iron Warriors Army to 1500 points, and thought I would snap a few photos before I pack them up for their big debut at the Mechanicon.

I certainly don't think that they are my best work for a couple of reasons, I painted the entire 1500 points in less than 3 months, that's very fast for me, so some of the army feels rushed.
Also due to time constraints, I didn't do as much conversion work as I would have liked.
That being said, I am still very happy with the army, it has been a wonderful break from painting Space Wolves, and has given me a chance to experiment some more with free-hand work, and learning how to paint red.  Which I think may be very important for my next project.

Here are a couple of more pictures
 Above you can see my Terminator Squad, with some minor conversions making a mockery of the Grey Knights.

 I wanted to convert all of my cultists using Flagellants but just didn't have the time if I wanted to use the army for Mechanicon, so I painted up 20 of the models from the new boxed set.
Above you can see an example of a couple of the standard Chaos Marines in the force, there are only 15 of them forming 2 squads, but they set the standard for the army.

So, my son Chucky (who still isn't done painting), our friend Chris Hartman playing Dark Angels, and I will be heading out around noon tomorrow and meeting up with Jawaballs where I will try and get some revenge for the pounding he gave me on Friday night last year at the Mechanicon!

So Mechanicon is going to be great, and will be my first major tournament of 6th edition.  Truthfully, my list is quite weak in my opinion, but what the hell, I'm hoping for 2 wins through the weekend, and I'll call it a success.  I am guess my army is going to garner some mixed reactions in regards to its paint score as I went a bit non-traditional on a traditional legion.  One that has a strong following, I'm thinking some people will love it, and some will hate it.  But that is the chance you take when you try something new.

I am committed to this army for the year though, and this is going to be my main Tournament army into 2013.  I am going to be expanding it quickly to 1850 for their next big outing, but have not yet decided what to add, but that is for another post.

Till next time, wish me luck.
and Jawaballs, you had best look out, I have lots of Pie-plate lovin' comin' yer way...


  1. So what did you learn about painting Red?

    Also, just curious, why were you planning to use flagellants for cultist conversions? Were you planing to make cultists with implants?

    -Brian L.

  2. Hey Brian, that was my plan in fact, lots of bionic implants and cabling on the converted cultists. No biggie really as I like the new models. Maybe my next cultists squad.
    As far as the red goes, I've always Struggled to highlight it without it looking too orange. I also, tried to blend the colors a bit more rather than the highlight technique I use on my space wolves. Not quite where I want to be but I think I'm heading in the right direction.

  3. Yeah I concur, Blood Red might as well be Blood Orange to me. Actually I find that when I paint things Blazing Orange near the thing I paint red, the contrast helps fool my eye into "thinking" red because I have something to tell me what orange "really" looks like. Then of course you run the risk of having too much similar color around.