Monday, November 26, 2012

Some new terrain

Been hard at work working on some new terrain.
Well, that is new to me, it seems Mike down at Aetherstorm Games has come into some used terrain from Les, from when he had GVE games.

The terrain was for the most part already assembled, but was in need of some TLC.  So me and my buddy Chris set to work repairing and repainting all of it.

We are not finished yet, but I figure at the pace we are going we should have a full 2 tables worth of new terrain finished by the end of next week.

 Here is a WIP shot, I wish I took some more "before" photos to give you an idea of the amount of work we have put in, but I was so eager to get started, I didn't get many.

Above you can see the test piece, this was the piece I did to figure out the paint scheme and over all look that I was going for with the terrain.
Below a quick shot of what will probably be an Adeptus Arbites HQ

 And of course the Fortress of Redemption!  I am pretty pleased with the way this beast turned out.

Of course there is more to come, and the gears are already turning for how to form a campaign around this stuff, and of course some Necromunda action, and then the IG army I want to do to match the new terrain set...

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