Monday, August 6, 2012

Iron Warriors WIP, the Defiler

Hi all, just a few quick pictures of my Defiler, it is still very much a WIP but I feel is coming along nicely.

More to come very soon!!!


  1. I wish I could, but that is just not doable for me this year.
    My next event is the Battle at Blobs Park, and then the Mechanicon will finish up 2012.
    Then of course there is Cold Wars in March, and then the Colonial in April.

  2. Well It's good you managed to keep your schedule busy. I also wanted to add that I found your Bloodcla-...I mean Swiftclaw biker article enlightening, it changed my opinion of them. I was wondering what are your thoughts on them with the new 6th ed rules. Perhaps you could write another SW article or addendum.
    Best of luck with your iron warriors (chaos scum traitor)
    Keep up the good work

  3. Thanks Brother!
    A new article would be a brilliant idea. I've got a few games under my belt with them, and have found them to be brilliant. But I feel I need more practice with them before I go rambling on like I know what I'm talking about.