Monday, July 23, 2012

Damn my army A.D.D. now I'm working on Iron Warriors...

I wish I could focus, but my mind has been everywhere of late.
I currently have 3 projects running all at once (4 if you count the one that I'm just making purchases for and haven't even begun yet).  Lets do a quick run down...
1. Warriors of Chaos for WHFB, I have been enjoying building and painting this army, but with 6th ed. for 40k just being released my interest in Fantasy has been waning, I'm sure my fire will be stoked once the rumored new army book is released for these bad boys.
2. Elysian Drop Troops, I have been making progress, and I like the way the army is coming along, but with so many changes to the rules in 6th edition, I want to wait until I get a better grip on things before I press forward.
3. Iron Warriors, the rumored new codex has me stoked, and I have been building and painting Chaos Marines as fast as I can (which is not very fast mind you) it now looks that this may be the army I am going to take to the Mechanicon this year, if all goes according to plan.

All this painting, army list constructing, wish listing for the new book, converting, and so on has led me to looking back to the early days of 40k, and my previous brushes (see what I did there? brushes?) with the forces of Chaos.

Way back in the early days of 2nd edition, I had built a Chaos force.  Mostly Iron Warriors, and that primarily was Terminators.  Then 3rd edition came along, and with that a new codex.  I found that the new codex lacked character, and for a long time I shied away from Chaos.  That was until the 3rd Chaos Book came along.  This third installment of the Chaos Codex is in my humble opinion the best Codex that Games Workshop has ever put out.  It had everything in it, lots of cool wargear options, rules for the legions, the list goes on and on.  There was no reason why any two Chaos Warbands should look the same. 

So, once again I took brush to model and painted up my second Iron Warriors army, and I had many battles and much fun.  That was until the release of the bland piece of shit we call the current Chaos Codex.  Are you starting to see a trend here?  If the trends follow suit I am expecting great things from this new book. 

In my humble opinion, there is much at stake here as well, not just Chaos Marines, but a trend to be set for 6th edition as a whole.  The current Chaos Codex was written during a "dumbing down" of Warhammer 40k, which left the book bland and lifeless, I thought they would have learned their lesson with the 3rd edition book, but it seems history was destined to repeat itself.  Anyways, with this new 6th edition rules set so full of character, and focused on narrative, and grand heroic battles I am really looking for this, what is rumored to be the first codex of 6th edition to really be a grand affair.

So, I have gone out on a limb and put together a full 10 man Chaos Marine Squad, five of them are already painted, and I have the second five assembled and primed waiting to be painted.  (I will post some pictures up later this week)

I have made a rough list, to give me something to paint towards, but was sticking with basic Chaos Marines, in case the new book had some shiny new toys I wouldn't be able to resist.  Unfortunately it looks like the new Chaos Codex isn't going to hit the shelves in August like I thought, which means that more than likely, the old Codex is going to be used for Mechanicon.

So my plan is to push forward,

Here is the list I came up with so far:

Chaos Lord in Termie Armor, with Combi-Weapon, Deamon Weapon, MoN (I know, but I really want that T5)
4x Terminators with Reaper AC
Land Raider Transport
5x Terminators with Reaper AC
Land Raider Transport
Squad 1: x10 Asp Champ, PF and Combi-MG, 2x MG
Rhino with Dozer, and Havoc Launcher
Squad 2: x10 Asp Champ, PW and PP, 2x PG
Rhino with Dozer, and Havoc Launcher
2x Defilers

a small list and probably not very competitive, but I think it looks very "Iron Warriorish" and should be loads of fun to play.  Of course the list will probably change ten times between now and then, and if I get bored I may change armies all together.

Now, since my Fantasy Army isn't going to be done in time, what the hell do I take to Blob's Park?!

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